Hey everybody! Soooo, one of the best barbers in Miami hit the cover of Miami New Times. He goes by Daze, is a wicked walking work of art, and one of my fave people. As part of #TeamRefinedByManda Daze has been booked to cut celebrities such as Plies, Mario, and Lil Jon to name a few! Check it out!

To book Daze please send an email to or call 305.707.8706


Borderline obsessed with these! lol #justsaying You either love these or hate them. What's your choice...? They are Jeffrey Campbell's. You can purchase them on the website bellow.


Found this and had to share! I am sooo digging this arm candy! These bracelets are out of control and this double spiked open ring is insane, gottta have it!! I'm really liking the route that fashion is taking. It's bold, sexy, and fearless. 

Check them out:


What's up everybody. So I was recently browsing through some blogs & I gotta tell you this one really caught my attention! It touches on everything in the entertainment world. From Music, to Film, to Fashion, to Sports. & I really liked the fact that it shines a positive light on these topics. Cause if there's one thing I can't stand it's these bullshit tabloids and when the media twists and turns shit out of context  to bring out the 1% of negative in any story. Excuse my french but its just how I feel. Keep up with the real entertainment! Find dope posts similar to this one there:

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The quote says it all. But I'd like to add to that. This weekend was quite inspiring, just from hanging out with my childhood friend and her new baby which is a blessing that only parents, especially mothers can fully understand, to the couple phone calls I received today from old high school friends that tell me how I inspire them. I never thought I could do such a thing so when people tell me so it's very refreshing, and those little things are what motivate me to keep doing what I'm doing and I'm very thankful for that. People always wait to say what they loved about a person once they're dead, but we should try and let them know while they are still alive, its important.
No matter all that one achieves in life, they should always stay low to the ground and maintain humble, because at the end of the day we are all human. I am grateful and thankful every day for everything I have and have been through, including the good and the bad. At the end of the day the bad is what helps you grow stronger. The wise are the ones that LOOK for the positive within the negative and make the best out of any situation. If you can give to those less fortunate, or inspire those younger then us, do it! We spend our whole lives busting our asses working for what? Enjoy your lives, spend time with your loved ones, travel, learn from others, and give to those in need! Let's make this world a better place! And as cliche as this may sound, IT ALL STARTS WITH YOU! MAKE IT HAPPEN!
Thank you all for your love and support, as I will continue through the gift I've been blessed with to keep inspiring and continue to give to those less fortunate and try and make this world a better place to live in.

Much Love,



Wow, didn't know this would have such an impact to the public. Check out more publications from Aleksandr Dolgopolov's look we gave him for the 2012 US Open at the Sony Ericsson. Big shout to Alex, amazing tennis player and real cool guy.
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